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We help businesses find That Thing

That’s true about you, and no one else. That reminds people why you matter or helps you stand out in a busy world. That’ll launch new ideas. Win over new audiences. And breathe new life into the work you do.

And make it sing.

With writing and design. Online, on screen and on paper. Inside and out. Visual identities. Verbal identities. Everything you need to take your Thing to the world.

We’ve been Sheltering and shaping the minds of tomorrow with global student accommodation. Looking at The art and science of decision making with a software and consultancy hybrid business. Showing that boring can be sexy with a Radically Steady, progressive fund manager. Removing the unnecessary with a high street wellness hideaway. We’ve created a thought leadership brand with a large entertainment company. Looked at turning impulse into action with a high street fitness brands. And we’re helping to reinvent travel and infrastructure with the transportation technology brand of the future.

We're hiring  – That Thing is looking for a designer and a brand writer to form a TTeam.

We were founded on a two-person team of a writer and a designer.

We’ve got a bit bigger since then, but we’re still big believers in the power of words and pictures when it comes to creating powerful, thoughtful work.

We don’t think these two skills should sit in different rooms, but work next to each other – from briefing to presentation. And now we need a new team to take on some new exciting projects.

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Arrival Case Study

Arrival make beautifully-designed electric vehicles.

Over the last decade, commerce and retail have changed – drastically. More businesses. More global. More clicks. More baskets. More deliveries. More vans and trucks. But vans and trucks hadn’t changed. Old technology, meant new levels of pollution. Congestion. More pressure on a system that was already creaking. With their beautifully smart electric fleet, Arrival are setting out to change that.

Arrival Case Study2 2

We helped Arrival develop their logo and wordmark into a brand that was ready for launch.

Arrival Tov

Made by robots. Designed for people. We developed a tone of voice that helped Arrival bring humanity to their technology. 

Bhuti is helping people to remove the unnecessary. 

As we've become more connected to each other, we've got a little cut off from ourselves. Forever online, but a bit off centre. 
Linked in. Strung out. Liking. Sharing. But feeling something’s… missing.

Bhuti is here to help. 
Through a combination of yoga, massage, food and meditation, it's giving people spaces to find, feed and focus on what really matters. We designed and launched a brand for Bhuti that's equally focused on stripping back everything to the essentials.

Bhuti Website Text

Then name gave us plenty to play with in the headlines.

Bhuti Guidelines  Website

A simple kit of parts to use online and in the retreats.

Tote Bag Web

Standing out by stepping back.

Bhuti Website

Soon, everyone will be able to bring a bit of bhuti back home.

Gravis knows that the most exciting ideas aren’t always about faster.

Gravis is an investment house formed in 2008. It's built its reputation on funds that are all about the long term – for the country and their investors. But to be this predictable takes thinking that’s anything but. Their Thing is all about being proudly long term as the radically steady fund manager.

We gave Gravis a brand with equally long term ambitions. A Gàlapagos tortoise – steady, strong and with one of the longest life expectancies on the planet. The new system is giving Gravis a new lease of life, and giving the funds the status they deserve.

Gravis Website 01

A new name and visual system that separated the manager from the funds.

Gravis Ads

Press and moving media launch campaign with Gravis's big benefits.

We designed a system for the funds. Separate from Gravis, but from the same family.

A new site and digital system that brutally simplifies the information for investors.

There's beauty in the physical assets that Gravis invest in. Their new image library shows it off.

Gravis's numbers speak for themselves. To help them speak even louder, we designed suite of icons for each of the funds and brought them to life in animations that explained the funds simply and clearly.

Tt Scape 1

Scape was born from a simple idea: being a student shouldn't mean putting up with a sub-standard place to live.

When it came to quality, Scape were the best in the student accommodation business. With a global launch imminent, they needed to find That Thing that took them beyond brilliantly designed bedrooms. Scape spend a year with the brightest young minds in the world. As well as giving them a place to sleep, they have the chance to challenge them, open their eyes a bit wider and make their prospects even brighter. Or as we put it, to shelter and shape the minds of tomorrow.

We work with Scape to bring Shelter and Shape to life across every part of their business. Online and on the walls of the buildings. From boardroom to bedroom, London to Sydney. 

Tt Scape Ads

A lot of the work we do with Scape is about revealing the buildings and rooms rather than getting in the way.

Tt Scape 7

We worked closely with digital partners Sennep to redesign a brand new website, ready to go global.

With their Thing in place, we were better able to organise Scape's biggest benefits into a helpful system.

Tt Scape 6

We look for every opportunity to bake the brand into the buildings and work closely with Scape's interior architect partners around the world.

Tt Scape 5


From recipes on kitchen walls to dumbbells organised around the weights of different animals.

Tt Scape 10

A set of icons built around benefits, not features.

Study No Ceiling 001

From the visual identity to the business strategy, we're proud to have partnered with Scape every step of the way. With the brand going global in 2018 and smart new approaches to city living on the way, there's plenty more to come.

Tt Acumen 1

Acumen help people make big decisions.

Acumen are a software and consultancy business who help some of the biggest brands out there to keep track of their pricing and promotions. After a successful decade, they needed to find That Thing to clearly sum up their brilliant but complex work and compete with the biggest names in the consultancy world. After getting our heads around their complex work, we realised that the Thing they do above everything else was quite simple: Acumen helped their clients make better decisions.

Our work helped Acumen to reintroduce themselves to the market after ten years and finally do justice to their energetic, inventive business.

Tt Acumen 2

An image style that stood out from the industry and a visual world that introduced them as the exciting company that they are.

A good decision has two sides to it. While their competition focus on one side or the other. Acumen is built to give you both.

We gave them a visual and written system to clearly explain what they do. It took them from swathes of clunky paragraphs to a suite of clear products.

Bringing it all together

Tt Acumen 5V2 170120 145135

From PowerPoint templates to product brochures, we helped them change
the parts of the brand that are seen and used more than any others.

Tt Acumen 06

We redesigned and built Acumen’s new website to bring all the work together.

Tt Acumen 9

With the new brand in place, we’re currently in the process of working with the UX developers to totally reshape Acumen’s app, making sure their products sing just as sweetly as everything else.

We were asked by Bode to work on a brand for a new development. With buy-in from local residents and businesses, it was set to transform a lost part of Archway.

Rather than spend our time focused solely on the building, our approach was to put just as much time energy into promoting a sometimes overlooked part of London.

Hill House is a brand showing the best of the new building.

And On The Hill covers Archway and around, showing the best of the area. It’s a brand that we hope will live on doing good for the area long after the last flat’s been sold.

To give people who didn't know Archway a taste of the area, we made five short films showing off the best of Archway and around. You can see them at onthehill.london

A site of two halves showing off the area as much as the apartments.

Hh Desktop Area Photography 1 72Dpi

Photography that captured the 'Archwegian' spirit and the life of the area.

Hh Desktop Area Photography 2 72Dpi

Photography that captured the 'Archwegian' spirit and the life of the area.

Hh Desktop Brochure Covers

A two sided brochure with different ways in.

Photography that showed off a building designed by Hawkins Brown architects, AJ100 Practice of Year 2017

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