We help businesses find
That Thing

We help businesses find
That Thing

That’s true about you, and no one else.
That reminds people why you matter or helps you stand out in a busy world.
That’ll launch new ideas. Win over new audiences.
And breathe new life into the work you do.

And make it sing.

With writing and design. Online, on screen and on paper. Inside and out.
Visual identities. Verbal identities.
Everything you need to take your Thing to the world.

We’ve been Sheltering and shaping the minds of tomorrow with global student accommodation. Looking at The art and science of decision making with a software and consultancy hybrid business. Showing that boring can be sexy with a Radically Steady, progressive fund manager. Removing the unnecessary with a high street wellness hideaway. We’ve created a thought leadership brand with a large entertainment company. And looked at turning impulse into action with a high street fitness brand.

That Thing is a brand studio based in London Bridge.
We help clients through straightforward writing, thinking and ideas.
And creative work that brings it all to life in powerfully pleasing ways.

Full site lands in September.