Bemyfriends logo shown over brand photography

The context

‘Creator economy’. ​‘Fandom’. ​‘Web3.’ Underneath the buzzwords a momentous change is happening: power is shifting away from the big platforms and into the hands of creators.

bemyfriends was set up to make that change happen. A tech company meets consultancy, their products and ideas help creators and brands build businesses through the power of fandom. After helping K‑Pop giants like BTS conquer the world through WeVerse, the founders know a thing or two about the process.

We worked with bemyfriends to create the brand and site that launched them to the world. Together, we defined a new vision for the creator economy that lets people take back ownership of their content, their business and their relationship with the fans. From brand story, messaging visual identity, website and launch film, we worked closely with the team to take their brand from Seoul to the world. The promise? If you make something that people love, bemyfriends will help you to make more of it.

Their Thing: Make more of it
Brand pillars that read: Creatively. Collectively. Commercially. Centered within bemyfriends illustrations
Brand billboard that reads 'If you make something the world loves, we'll help you make more of it'.
Streetside billboard with flyposters of the Bemyfriends logo, brand imagery and typography
Brochure design
Lanyard design, featuring brand imagery, typography and logo
Front and back of a Bemyfriends business card
Four Instagram posts from the Bemyfriends account, showcasing brand imagery, typography and the design system
A man wearing Bemyfriends brand t-shirt
A laptop covered in Bemyfriends brand stickers
Stage set up for a Bemyfriends conference with on screen graphics
Overhead shot of the Bemyfriends pitch deck, demonstrating the design system
Fingerheart icon

bemyfriends has now raised a further 20 million dollars to keep doing what they love. And alongside their roster of K-pop and esports stars (including Faker), have secured huge partnerships with UTA and Altava Group (metaverse fashion tech). They’ve also tripled as a team, catching the attention of the people they need to push them forwards.We can’t wait to see what they do next.