Leva logo on a pastel blue, pink and yellow gradient. With the tagline 'live more, hurt less.'

The context

Leva is an online clinic with one focus: helping people with chronic pain lead a better life. It’s been founded by specialists who’ve created a new treatment model combining physiotherapy, psychology and medication. This groundbreaking triangular approach needed translating into a brand, digital experience, and campaign. And so did the team’s empathy for a condition that’s often so misunderstood and disbelieved.

We worked closely with the Leva over six months to create their brand, develop their UX, and form a content strategy: taking the edge off a cold medical industry, while upholding the scientific rigour that makes them credible. This isn’t about curing pain, it’s about softening it so life feels good again.

Their Thing: From pain to peace.
An overview of the Leva project including brand, digital and campaign.
Brand messaging that reads 'Helping people with persistent pain live a better life'.
 Brand identity slide that reads 'Caring and Clinical'. The word 'Caring' is sat on a soft gradient, 'Clinical' is sat on a dotted grid
A collection of various Instagram posts from the Leva Clinic account, showcasing typography, photography and illustration from the Leva brand identity
Four Leva posters, using different colour and typographic elements
from the brand identity
Grid of nine brand icons
Two Leva factsheets using different elements from the brand identity
Three Leva pin badges showing the logo and icons
Four staff lanyards each showing a photo of a different member of staff
Leva merchandise: A pastel gradient mug with a black Leva logo
A man delivering a conference talk pointing at a large screen which reads 'Created by an expert team' on a gradient background
An overview of various pages from the Leva brand guidelines
Brand concept image that reads 'Pain—Peace'. The word 'pain' is on a black background and the word 'Peace' is on a pastel

“We were very happy with the partnership we had with That Thing whilst rebranding our business to Leva. It gave us and our stakeholders an identity we could all stand behind and be proud of.

Together we feel we’ve captured the expertise and credibility of Leva uniquely and distinctively.”

Eric Bystrom
Co-founder and CEO, Leva