The context

Gravis is an investment house formed in 2008. It’s built its reputation on funds that are all about the long-term – for the country and their investors. But to be this predictable takes thinking that’s anything but. Their Thing is all about being proudly long-term as the radically steady fund manager.

We gave Gravis a brand with equally long-term ambitions: including a press and moving media launch and an online campaign. All based around the Galápagos tortoise – steady, strong and with one of the longest life expectancies on the planet. This new system is giving Gravis a new lease of life, and giving the funds the status they deserve.

Their Thing: Radically steady
Image of the Gravis wordmark extruding out of a desk in an office environment
Someone in London holding an umbrella with the Gravis wordmark and illustrated character
A lightbox in an office showing the Gravis tortoise in front of a bar chart that resembles buildings. The text reads 'Radically real'
A series of report covers on a shelf showing the Gravis design system
Curved stone office wall with engraved text that reads 'Investment ideas for the long run'
Close up photograph of the details of the engraved text in the curved stone office wall
A colourful Gravis fund logos on a screen in the London Stock Exchange
Event design, Gravis tortoise lit up on the front of a welcome desk
Black and white tile saying 'Be nice' in the shape of a smiley face
White greetings card sticking out the sand with an illustrated Gravis character wearing a santa hat, the text reads 'Happy holidays'