Falling 3D coins engraved with the Easyfundraising symbol

The context

When you sign up to Easyfundraising, big brands donate when you shop. It’s a no-brainer like Gift Aid. So why hasn’t everyone done it? To become a household name and go beyond the £43 million already raised for good causes, Easyfundraising needed a new brand and a crystal clear way of explaining their product.

Who pays? Which shops do it? What’s the catch? We explained away people’s scepticism with a watertight new story and a redesigned UX/UI. And we showed how simple it is to turn everyday spending into good deeds with a new visual identity, beautiful commissioned illustrations by Roccio Egio, and a nationwide campaign.

Their thing: Everyday magic
Easyfundraising logo and wordmark
Easyfundraising flat vector illustrations of objects you can buy through easyfundraising
Three illustrative donation cards
Hoarding design with oversized brand illustrations
Promotional graphic encouraging users to download the donation reminder
A phone showing the Easyfundraising app
Brand messaging that reads 'Thousands of retailers give back when you spend'
A list of causes who feature on easyfundraising
An urban billboard showing imagery from the causes
Brand messaging that reads 'From hedgehog sanctuaries to PTAs. Thousands of retailers give back when you spend.'
Flyposter hoarding of the Easyfundraising causes
A large billboard at a train station with illustrations of objects and the headline 'Turn daily spending into cash for causes'

“The new brand has not only unified our external image, but the fresher look and clearer articulation of our message has led to a 35% uplift in the conversion rate on some of our key landing pages. I am particularly impressed by how it has also united us as a team. We are living our values and I hear frequent expressions of pride from colleagues as they use rebranded assets in their day-to-day roles.”

James Moir