CGI render of the HVS HGV truck with the word 'Hydrogen' in neon green typography behind

The context

Hydrogen vehicles are here to decarbonise long-haul trucking. Longer range. Faster refuels. Heavier payloads than electric trucks. And the industry gamechanger for 2040 net zero targets: pure water emissions.

In a sea of legacy manufacturers converting old models, HVS is the first business to build a hydrogen truck from the ground up. No one believes in hydrogen’s ability to change the world like they do.

The revolutionary story behind their incredible technology needed to be told. HVS asked us to elevate their brand, explain and showcase their tech, and bring some humanity to an industry in desperate need of it. We worked closely with their team to develop a positioning, identity, and website that brought their expertise and optimism right to the forefront.

Their Thing: Engineered with heart
A set of truck keys with a branded keyring, over typography that reads 'Drive free'
Brand messaging that reads 'Mini powerhouses on wheels'
Close up image of HVS truck
Digital design card listing out the technical specifications of the HGV
'Chat to us' section of the website page displayed on a laptop
A 'Meet the team' card featuring an engineer working on a truck. The message reads 'Meet the people behind the machines'
Event banner outside a conference centre featuring an image of the truck and the headline 'Engineered for the road, not the showroom'
Label inside white fleece merchandise with HVS logo
Neon green hard hat with HVS logo on the front
An empty road in between hills and mountains at sunset with typography that reads '400 miles since sunrise. And the only emission was water.'