Professional Writing Academy

Three circles containing an image of a cloud, an oil painting of flowers and the Professional Writing Academy logo.

The context

For too long, writing has been seen as an indulgence for the select few. But Professional Writing Academy wanted everyone to share in its power. Their first-of-its-kind digital learning platform makes world-class expertise accessible and flexible – with a community that push each other to do great things. Our job was to show all this creativity in a full brand refresh, story, and website.

We made words visual for once, creating a toolkit that brought characters and ideas to life through colour and illustration. And we wrote for writers, calling out all the reasons people should try their hand at storytelling – from getting more effective at work to sleeping better.

With 8,000 graduates in the alumni, and industry experts queuing to get teaching, PWA could justify a big rallying cry for the rest of us…

Their Thing: Set the world to write
Manifesto text: It’s not just politicians and playwrights who have power in their words. Anyone can get heard when they choose the right ones. At Professional Writing Academy, we influence
more than the literary world. We help people to move. From becoming louder speakers, to better sleepers. From learning how to make the groom cry, and the audience laugh. From telling stories, to finishing entire manuscripts. You choose the change, we’ll help you make it.
Billboard with a photograph of a woman thinking with an ellipsis symbol above her head. The headline reads 'Words can change you.'
Teal tote bag featuring the logo, graphic device and the words 'Setting the world to write'
iPad with a PWA article on screen with a brand illustration over a yellow circle
Social posts over imagery using three circles to hold brand messaging
Course cover art on the website with the title 'Loads of reasons to write'
Brand out of home advertising, an image of a cloud with the headline 'Professional daydreaming academy'
Poster in the London underground, an image of a palm tree with the headline 'Professional cocktail rating academy'
Poster in the London underground, an image of a jellyfish with the headline 'Professional breakup letter academy'
Brand typography

“That Thing’s focus on marrying words and visual identity, together with an obvious empathy with what we were trying to achieve meant that it was an extremely fast process to agree on a new look, feel and tone of voice. After a very short time working together we genuinely felt that they knew us better than we knew ourselves! The new brand has given us increased confidence to approach a new calibre of potential clients who we might have felt a bit shy of previously.”

Christina Bunce