Virgin Active: Enough

Streetside billboard that reads: 'THE POWER OF ENOUGH – For exercise to work, you don't need to doit all. You need to do enough.'

The context

Most of us want to exercise. But between good intentions and great results sits real life. It’s something that the fitness industry refuses to acknowledge, repeatedly pedalling unrealistic notions of performance and perfection, which is possibly why only 15% of the UK hold a gym membership.

​‘Enough’ speaks to the 85% of people the industry has been ignoring, showing them a new way of thinking about exercise that’s grounded firmly in reality.

We helped Virgin Active open up to a whole new audience by changing expectations. It’s not about perfection, but persistence. Celebrating the power of ​‘Enough’.

Our campaign for Virgin Active rolled out on TV during the festive period with OOH in the UK, also going live in Australia, South Africa, and SEA.

Their Thing: The power of enough
Virgin Active Enough campaign film script that reads: "The secret to exercise? It isn't a quick fix. It isn't no pain no gain. No. It's a little word that makes a big difference: Enough. Enough is glorious. It's when exercise and real life hold hands. It's not do it once and never again. It's not every, single, day. It's enough. Enough to feel this again. Enough to wear that again. To get a bit stronger. To last a bit longer. It might not sound like much. But when you find enough. The effect lasts a lifetime."
A bus stop poster: Featuring multi coloured balloons falling onto a light pink backdrop under text that reads : 'THE JOY OF ENOUGH' 'When it comes to exercise, doing enough is something to celebrate.'