The Kearney Regenerate wordmark on imagery of a field and a 3D render of a glass flower housed within the Regenerate brand symbol

The context

Over the last century, global consultancy Kearney have made a name for themselves as the doers in a world of talk. This year, Kearney launched Regenerate – their new brand positioning built to bring business systems and living systems back in tune and help businesses become regenerative.

Our brand campaign for Kearney helped them to launch Regenerate with a clear and memorable story. We also created a visual identity to show the bringing together of living systems and businesses. We launched this all through a digital campaign and global event. We’re looking forward to carrying on our partnership with Kearney over 2024 as they head to Davos to take Regenerate to the world.

Their Thing: Business systems. Living systems. Together.
A businesswoman on stage at the Kearney Regenerate conference with brand graphics on the screen behind her
Three posters each with a different 3D logo on
People on stage at a business conference
A plant sculpture in the shape of the brand logo
A phone with the event app design on
A tote bag with the brand symbol on
An image of a man stretching his arms in the air on a blue sky
A billboard in a ski resort advertising Kearney Regenerate conference in Davos