The Intropic logo over an mirrored kaleidoscopic image of a highway

The context

We’re surrounded by data. Within it there’s valuable information, but the current approach to structuring and analysing it wastes time, energy, and resources. Intropic take a new approach. After honing their product under the radar, they asked us to take them out of stealth mode. We created a brand, site, and documentary-style film to show investors and clients how they’re revolutionising the way we work with information.

Instead of pooling data centrally, Intropic’s products let people work with it to unlock game-changing information and make better decisions. They join the dots in a sea of seemingly random action and disconnected detail. Our design system is built around the moment those pieces of the puzzle just ​‘click’ into place, unlocking the next big idea.

Their Thing: Information unlocked
Suite of brand iconography in the Intropic brand colours
Four Intropic insight reports on a bright yellow background, each with a different front cover
A large purple screen on a conference stage that includes Intropic iconography and reads, 'From data to insight'
Four brand lanyards laying across each other with pink, yellow and green straps
A man wearing a black and turquoise fleece with the Intropic logo embroidered into it
A man wearing a black waterproof jacket with a black Intropic logo printed on the back
A custom keyboard at a desk with keys in the colours of the Intropic colour palette
A black backpack with a green strap, a yellow zip, the Intropic logo embroidered in it and Intropic illustrations printed on
A custom scooter with parts in the Intropic colours, including pink handles, purple wheels and a green deck. The Intropic logo is also printed on the front.

"Working with That Thing as we exited stealth mode has been an exciting journey. They were able to work alongside us in translating our company vision into a powerful visual brand identity.The thoroughness of their approach has provided us with a brand that we’re proud to share with the world as we continue to unlock the true power of information."

Ravinder Bhadhal
Co-founder & CEO, Intropic