Hoptek logo animation depicting a truck driving through the logo symbol before animating into the wordmark

The context

Trucking keeps everyday life moving. But with relentless schedules and manual processes, it’s an industry creaking at the seams. With daily demand mounting and the climate pressures graver than ever, efficiency has never been more crucial.

The project came as part of our ongoing partnership with global consultancy Kearney. Their team created Hoptek: an AI-powered digital platform to transform the way fleets operate without forcing them to stop.

Quicker load times. Smarter diversions. Slicker manoeuvres. Hoptek’s smart data and automation gets entire fleets into a state of flow. We call this Fleet Control.

Their Thing: Helping fleets flow
UI design element that reads 'Search freight'
Three phones showing Hoptek social post animations
Stacks of Hoptek business cards
A man wearing a cap featuring the Hoptek logo
A series of Hoptek brochure covers
Billboard design showing Hoptek imagery, the Hoptek logo and website link
A black silicone iPad case with the Hoptek logo debossed in the centre
A close up of a purple puffer jacket with badges of the Hoptek wordmark and icon logo
Hoptek brand posters with typography and brand imagery
Hoptek banner that features brand imagery and typography
An angled overhead shot of the Hoptek brand toolkit