Fully Charged

Image of a white Fully Charged electric bike over bright green text that reads: 'NO PARKING? NO PROBLEM'

The context

eBike specialists Fully Charged aren’t just here to indulge cycling fanatics. With dreary commutes making life tedious, and cities more polluted than ever, electric bikes are an answer for everyone. But a lack of knowledge around safety, pricing, and maintenance keeps people sticking to what they know.

Fully Charged are here to change this, with an expert service that gives everyone the confidence to make the switch. Whether you’ve got a growing brood or a growing fleet, the emissions, money, and time saved from ebiking opens up amazing possibilities. And on top of this? It’s fun.

We helped Fully Charged speak to an entire nation in desperate need of a dopamine boost; with a new story, positioning, and campaign that pitted ebikes against typical methods of transport, and showed why they came out on top. The campaign ran OOH and across digital and social media.

Their Thing: A to beyond
Slide from the Fully Charged brand strategy that reads 'THE HOME OF A-LIST EBIKES' over the top of the image
Target audience slide from the Fully Charged brand strategy that reads 'ME: Individuals, WE: Families, LTD: businesses'
Brand purpose slide from the FUll Charged strategy that reads 'GET CHARGING, STAY CHARGING'
Poster with a green background that reads: 'The things we live by. No matter what we do, we do it... THOUGHTFULLY, SKILFULLY, PLAYFULLY, TASTEFULLY.'
Image of a black ebike folded up on a black background
Square billboard with a close up image of a black ebike on a black background, the text reads 'GO A TO BEYOND — It starts with an ebike and ends...well you tell us.'
Bus stop poster with an image of a white ebike. The text reads 'FASTER THAN THE 133 — Go A to Beyond on your first ebike'
Brand messaging that reads 'CAN HANDLE A FEW LEAVES ON THE TRACK — Try a supercharged commute.'
Streetside billboard with flyposters of the Fully Charged brand and typography
Green bus stop poster of the Fully charged brand imagery and typography
Ultrawide digital advert ascending up digital screens alongside an escalator, that reads 'WEEEEE-BIKES'