A quiet revolution

Last year, Zopa got their banking license and joined a busy marketplace for new banks on the block.

But unlike the rest, they’ve been making money work better for people for over 15 years, collecting loads of awards and a loyal fanbase along the way.

Our challenge was to start shouting about it, creating a campaign that showed them for the challengers they are – and were before anybody else.

From cutting unnecessary fees, to clearing up financial confusion, Zopa’s been turning the world of money on its head since 2005

Zopa. Turning money on its head since 2005

In a nutshell, the campaign needed to get Zopa’s name into households everywhere, making it clear they do money differently. We decided to go for absolute purity – using typography to literally turn aspects of the financial world upside-down. The meaning was clear, but we wanted Zopa to be active participants in the flipping’. It was time to recruit some little assistants.

Meet the cast

We worked with Anthem Studios and illustrator Chaz Hutton to bring a supergroup of monetary characters to life. Their task was simple: turn the world of money on its head in instantly gettable ways. From big red buttons to suspended cords, we created fun triggers that worked just as effectively for wideframe videos or skinny, vertical banners. We also made sure the hand-drawn charm of our illustrations came through in animation, rightfully framing Zopa as a people’s bank instead of one of the faceless big boys.

30 second TV spot

With the campaign running across print, TV, and digital, we’re excited to see Zopa finally get loud about the work they’ve been quietly getting on with for so long.

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