What’s your mix?

We were asked to create a brand-building national campaign for Virgin Active. The work needed to showcase the variety of exercise on offer in their clubs and through their digital membership.

When it comes to exercise, we all have our reasons. The idea for the campaign was to champion these unique motivations and give a glimpse of the stories behind them. The Mix’ idea took the many possibilities of a Virgin Active membership, grouped them together and linked it all to a real-life benefit. This stopped exercise from feeling like an abstract, endless endeavour and instead showed off the achievable big benefits of getting active.

A story in a snapshot

These Mixes needed to feel collectable, desirable and doable. So we planned, styled and shot bright lively scenes that brought them all to life in one or two frames partnering with photography duo Ilka and Franz to capture the moments. This was all about variety, so contrast across the colours and the content was really important too. 

VA 48 Sheets V04
VAMix 06 D

The spice of life

A Virgin Active membership gives you access to a huge amount of activities, exercises and classes. But there’s a fine line between choice feeling scintillating or stifling. By leading with the real-life Mix stories, we were able to package up all the brilliant benefits of membership. It made it all feel gettable and achievable, while also giving a glimpse of the breadth and range they offer. 

Outdoor and online

The campaign ran out of home across the UK and online through social channels. We used the campaign to give away some helpful guidance too. Working with the Virgin Active team, we wrote up what each Mix looked like in real-life exercise terms giving people a clear-cut way to get the most out of each Mix.

VA Digi 6 S Desktop V04
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