Bringing the Scape brand to life in their buildings, from London to Sydney.

We work with Scape to bring their Shelter and Shape’ purpose to life across every part of their business. Online and on the walls of the buildings, from London to Sydney. 
With so much world-class design going into the buildings, our biggest job is to reveal rather than invent anything new. And we’re always looking for ways that the work can help to help this exciting business become a household name.


We’ve designed and made hero welcome’ pieces to go behind receptions across the world. From neons that link to the local area to huge interactive screens that are different every time you walk in.

Scape Buildings  Reception

Digital LED screen, Scape Swanston street — Melbourne

Scape Buildings  Swanston 4Up

Wee’ neon on reception wall to reflect the slide, Scape South Bank — Brisbane

Study zones

A hugely important space, the study zones are where students spend a lot of their time. We looked at different ways the interiors could help study. You’ll find everything from colour combinations that help concentration to cryptic wordsearches for some productive daydreaming.

Scape Buildings  Study Zone
Scape Buildings Hidden Messages Aw V4
Scape Buildings  Hidden Messages Photo

Procrastintaion cube with hidden messages to remind people to get back to work. Scape Wembley — London


The heart of any home. Kitchens are where students meet up, cook up and gen up on their food skills. We’ve designed recipes that look as good as they taste, and peppered the walls with helpful cooking aides, like spaghetti measuring circles.

Scape Buildings  Kitchen 4Up

Recipe vinyls on the wall.

Gym weights

The gym weights in each scape building have become a signature feature. We challenged ourselves to make weights that people couldn’t resist picking up. In Shoreditch, we researched and matched every weight to that of a baby mammal. Who wouldn’t want to pick up a baby rhino — or at least try?

Scape Buildings  Weights Aw2
Scape Buildings  Gym

The art of living

Students call Scape buildings home for 51 weeks of the year. It’s important that the buildings have a soul that can only come from art, created and put in place by the artist themselves. We partner and commission artists across the globe to do just that.

Scape Buildings  Peter Judson
Scape Buildings  Peter Judson 4Up V4

Mural designed by Peter Judson, Scape Bloomsbury

Scape Buildings  David Booth
Scape Buildings  David Booth 4Up

Murals by David Booth and Carla McRae, Scape Swanston Street

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