A new app for a global student living brand

Scape is home to over 17,500 students in the UK, Ireland, Australia and will soon open its doors to those working and studying in the US. We’ve been working with them to evolve their brand and their offer through a new app. 

One of the things that sets Scape apart in the market is their obsessive focus on service. Through this app, they can now put the best of their front desks in the pockets of their students.

Through focus groups with students, we learned they wanted something to make their day-to-day at Scape more seamless. Speaking to the Scape team, they told us they needed a way to connect even more closely with students and focus on their wellbeing. At the same time, they were also looking for ways to become more efficient in the daily operations of their buildings.

From the user journey, to the design language, to the way it all moved, we designed the Scape app from the bottom up. It’s now being rolled out across 12 buildings in 7 cities around the world.

Scape App D 01

Finding the right symbol.

Scape needed a shorthand that could work with the existing logo. So we created the invisible S’. A symbol that reflects the two sides of what they offer – Shelter & Shaping the minds of tomorrow. Scape is neither one or the other of these two sides 
– it’s both. The brand only exists when both of these 
things come together. 

An app that does a few things really well

It’s a locker for your parcels. A handyman for your room. It’ll let you know about the biggest and best events happening in and around the building. And it’ll be there for you if everything feels a bit too much.

Beautifully simple

Using the existing brand, we created a new digital design language to work on screen. We evolved the identity with movement in mind, and built in interactive behaviours that would make each feature simple and joyful to use.

What’s on?

Scape have always run brilliant events, talks and workshops. But awareness was low, and attendance unpredictable. We created a suite of house-style illustrations and curated imagery that sits in a simple card system, to help Scape show off what’s happening in and around their buildings.

Scape App D 05

Bringing humanity to the technology

The people that sit behind the front desks have incredible relationships with their students. The app isn’t designed to replace those interactions but to create even more opportunities for those encounters to take place. To bottle’ that spirit, we partnered with illustrator Cecilia Castelli to bring warmth and humanity to the five key features.

Scape App D 06

Here if you need us

Unlike some other student living brands, Scape keep their receptions open 24 – 7. The reassurance that this gives students and their parents is huge. We wanted to make sure the same support was available through the app, so if things were getting a bit much they could talk to someone with a quick tap.

Scape App D 09

As well as the more reactive ​‘call for help’ we made sure the wellbeing section gave students some helpful advice and support. Scape partnered with Student Minds charity to provide a series of articles and guides on promoting mental health to their students – whether they were worried about themselves, or a friend. As part of the partnership, the Scape team also took mental-health first aid training to make sure they were in the best position to give or get students the help they need.

Brilliant buildings made better

The Scape app is being rolled out to 12 buildings and 17,500 students across the UK, Ireland and Australia. Parcels will be collected quicker, events will be busier and maintenance problems fixed faster. But most importantly, Scape will be able to build closer connections with their students than ever before to make sure they’re there for them – come rain or shine.

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