Being a student shouldn’t mean sub-standard living.

When it came to quality, Scape were the best in the student accommodation business. With a global launch imminent, they needed to find That Thing that took them beyond brilliantly designed bedrooms. Scape spend a year with the brightest young minds in the world. As well as giving them a place to sleep, they have the chance to challenge them, open their eyes a bit wider and make their prospects even brighter. Or as we put it, to shelter and shape the minds of tomorrow.

We work with Scape to bring Shelter and Shape to life across every part of their business. Online and on the walls of the buildings. From boardroom to bedroom, London to Sydney. 

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Sheltering and shaping the minds of tomorrow.

Scape are privileged to have some of the finest young minds under their roof. There are two sides to what they do for them. On one side they give students an incredible place to live, a safe place of sanctuary and calm.

And on the other side, they challenge them. They pick up where uni leaves off, inspiring and helping students to leave their buildings more knowledgable and connected than when they walked in.

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Changing the shape of student accommodation in three big ways.

These are the things that set Scape apart. There are three pillars that make Scape unique and irresistible, all focusing on the benefits to our students rather than just listing the features. We defined these for Scape so they can use them in their communications and promotions to clearly and consistently get across what makes Scape different to the rest.

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A set of icons built around benefits, not features.

The Scape Way

Two values that sum up what Scape are about; they influence the way they look, the way they speak and the way they act. An approach and attitude to work, and a set of snappy soundbites to sum it up.

Our tone of voice

We spend up to 51 weeks a year with our students, so we end up talking to them a lot. As a business, the way we communicate with each other is hugely important too.

Kit of parts

A suite of icons and illustrations to make sure Scape stays consistent but fresh, wherever you meet it.

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Brand assets


As the business expanded into new continents, it was important that the Scape brand was bottled up and made easily available for people across the globe. We designed and built an interactive toolkit so that Scape people could understand the brand, and download the assets as and when they needed.

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