A beautifully simple way to sell your images

Picfair launched in 2015 offering a fairer deal to photographers. Instead of taking a huge chunk of the licensing fee (like the stock-image giants) Picfair gave their photographers the fee they asked for. 

After a successful few years, Picfair made the decision to adjust their focus.
Putting photographers first’ had always been their mantra, and they saw an opportunity to do this in a whole new way. In 2019 Picfair launched personal stores for every photographer on their platform, giving them a home for their photography alone, in parallel to the global marketplace where millions of images jostle for position. Just like the marketplace, when a photographer sells an image via their store, Picfair take care of all the licensing and logistics too.

We recently rebranded Picfair to show the world that they were much more than just a marketplace. Since the change, Picfair have doubled their numbers and just hit their 200,000th photographer with around 1500 new photographers joining every day.

PF D 01

Maximum exposure, minimum effort

The new logo and symbol are inspired by the fundamentals of photography. Using the f‑stop’, we designed an identity that left the typical notion of aperture and shutters behind. A single circle that opens up, it sums up Picfair’s focus on increasing their photographers’ exposure.

PF D 04

The design language works with clear, simple messaging to tell people what Picfair does and how to use it: Take your image. Build your site. Name your price.

PF D 05

Build your own store

We designed a prototype store builder that gives photographers the tools they need to build a shop window for their images. Picfair hope to launch this version of the store builder later this year.

PF D 08

We wanted to make sure photographers have the freedom and flexibility to tailor their site. In time, each site can be as unique as their images. 

Up, up and away

Send photos from your phone or your laptop, straight to your store with our simple image uploader.
(Functionality coming soon.)

Hero the image makers

Picfair’s photographers have had images picked up by some of the biggest names in the industry. We created a little lock-up for Picfair In the Wild. It’s a way for Picfair to highlight and showcase their talented members to the wider community. And it shows that with the right talent and a level playing filed, anyone can be discovered.

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