Redefining family friendly

When you’re out and about with the kids, things can end up being a trade off. Head somewhere that they love and you can vaguely tolerate. Or head somewhere you love and watch the meltdowns commence.

Our client came to us with a new idea that is attempting the magnificent: somewhere that works for everyone! Where kids can be kids and parents can be grown ups. Where supervised, easy-on-the-eye play spaces meet places to gather, eat, drink and work. We created and named the brand to bring this beautiful balancing act to life. 

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Where worlds gently collide

It was important that the brand was fully aimed at adults, but didn’t try and delete children from the equation. We landed on a name, brand and symbol that was an honest representation of the two sides of parenting.

Immaculate havoc

The photography needed to capture the moments of calm that the spaces are going to offer, but unashamedly make it clear that there was an element of controlled chaos close at hand. We worked with renowned food photographer Steven Joyce and chef and stylist Iain Graham. Their job was to create something precise and beautiful. Our job was to mess about with it.

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Memberships for every family

The club is going to be based on a membership model. We helped to launch a crowdfunding campaign offering founder memberships. We named and illustrated the different membership tiers that people could sign up to.

Two sides, one voice

The two different sides of the brand gave us lots to play with when it came to writing the messages that would launch the brand and show what was on offer.

PR 14 Space

With their first London site secured, Peace & Riot are hoping to open their doors in 2021.

PR 15 Hoarding
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PR 19 Stickers
PR 19 T Shirt
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Eat + Drink

We designed packaging for their two house beers – available to drink on site or take away for that magic post-bedtime drink.

PR 23 Beer
PR 24 Paper Bag
PR 25 Coffee

A hub for the community

Beyond tasty food and drink, there’s a great opportunity for these spaces to become town halls’ and hold events that focus on the issues that affect families most. We named the Peace Talks series and hope to be attracting some big local and national names to the venues.

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