Live more, hurt less.

Leva is an online clinic with one focus: helping people with persistent pain lead a better life. It’s been founded by specialists drawing on extensive research to create a new treatment model combining physiotherapy, psychology and medication. This unique combined approach needed translating into a brand.

Chronic pain itself is often misunderstood or handled badly. Leva are taking this on with kindness, accessible help, and realistic strategies that can be implemented at home.

We helped define and design the Leva brand, design the website and online clinic and create the campaign to launch it all.

Big thanks to our brilliant partners at Leva: Eric Bystrom, Benjamin Viaris de Lesegno, Mala Mawkin and Stephen Bourke

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Launching Leva

We worked closely with the Leva team over six months to define, create and launch their brand. From a new unifying brand strategy to designing a site and app built around their patients, we helped Leva stand out in a sea of start-ups and continue to develop its world-class service.

Leva’s goal is to help people enjoy more good days. The better they live with pain, the less it dominates their life. It’s a cycle we brought to the forefront.

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A unique triangular model

Our brand is inspired by Leva’s holistic approach. We named the product 360 care’, and broke down their treatment into Mind, Movement, Meds’. This trio acts as a tool for medical teams to document individually tailored care plans.

We crafted each character of the Leva logo to reflect its triangular approach and every patient’s personal program of physio, medicine and psychology.

A balanced practice

The Leva approach has two sides: soft and nurturing, accurate and disciplined. We used this unique contrast to create Leva’s design system.

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Leva’s caring approach stresses the importance of gradual, gentle change, which we’ve brought to life with warm gradients and diffused auras. Our auras can be used as background textures, holding devices for photography, or as infographics to explain scientific detail in engaging ways.

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Quiet credibility

To represent Leva’s scientific rigour and clinical expertise, we developed a structural dot pattern, a suite of icons, and a hard-edged typeface. 

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Creating a digital clinic

We worked closely with the Leva product and clinical teams to develop their UX and content strategy. Everything’s been designed with the needs of chronic pain patients in mind, from clear signage and guidance throughout, to empathetic language and relatable imagery. We’ve made information accessible and welcoming, instead of dry and emotionless like many existing healthcare sources.

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We helped Leva make everything they needed to launch with a bang and take on further investment. We’re excited to see what’s next.

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From pain to peace

No one knew Leva yet, so we wanted to open with one clear message – Leva works with pain. We created stylised animations that were eye-catching and felt jarring or spiky. These were then rooted in clear, factual messaging about the ways Leva tackles pain and offers support.

Access to help, fast

Our campaign worked tactically, designed to reach patients during online searches for specialists – a time when they needed Leva the most. Our ads finished with a direct link to the instant online booking system, giving people a finite start’ to the transition.

Leva’s dark side

To really help evoke the feeling of pain, we reversed our design language and created a moody dark mode. Soft, free-flowing auras are contained within the typography, preluding the core peaceful’ identity which becomes the pay-off.

This new dimension is a characterful addition to the brand, capturing the negative world Leva are helping people move out of. 

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We were very happy with the partnership we had with That Thing whilst rebranding our business to Leva. It gave us and our stakeholders an identity we could all stand behind and be proud of.

Together we feel we’ve captured the expertise and credibility of Leva uniquely and distinctively.”

Eric Bystrom
Co-founder and CEO, Leva

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