Unlocking the true power of information

We live in a time of unprecedented amounts of data. Within this data is valuable information, but the current approach to structuring and analysing it wastes time, energy, and resources. Information is lost. 

Intropic takes a new approach. Their information products give organisations the tools to work with data at the edge. Instead of pooling data centrally, people who understand the data best can work with it to unlock game-changing information, and make better decisions.

After a successful couple of years honing their product under the radar, Intropic asked us to take them out of stealth mode. We created a brand and site to launch them to a wide audience of investors and clients as they revolutionise the way the world works with information.

In a sea of seemingly random action and disconnected detail, Intropic joins the dots to find meaning. Our logo and design system are built around the moment those pieces of the puzzle just click’ into place, unlocking the next big idea.

I Phone Mockup v03

Leaders of the information economy

We told Intropic’s story through a documentary-style film that delves into the wider context of their data refinery and its effect on the world.

Insight Symbols

Intropic give people the tools to make sense of chaotic material. We explored the transition from chaos to order through cymatic patterns, murmurations, and natural phenomena, then created our own visual cues.

Our Insight Symbols represent the useful information Intropic pull out of data streams. We use them to signpost ideas or strategic thinking.

Icon Grid v03

Information in action

We brought the brand to life across multiple touchpoints, designing Intropic’s entire website down to the tiny, intricate details.

Conference Desktop v02

Finding patterns in data

Inspired by the laws of entropy, data patterns are constantly generating and evolving like real data. From Insight Symbols to typography the geometric shapes form the foundation of our graphic language. 

We’ve created an art direction style that draws the eye to hidden patterns in chaotic, everyday environments. 

From stealth mode to scale-up

Intropic want to attract the best talent in the industry, so needed to create a company that would appeal to the next generation of coders and engineers.

INT Signage v02b
Lanyards REPLACE
Intropic Garms v03
Keyboard v01
Electric Scooter v01a

Working with That Thing as we exited stealth mode has been an exciting journey. That Thing were able to work alongside us in translating our company vision into a powerful visual brand identity. The thoroughness of their approach has provided us with a brand that we’re proud to share with the world as we continue to unlock the true power of information.“

Ravinder Bhadhal
Co – founder & CEO, Intropic

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