The heavy-duty truck that only emits water

With a longer range, faster refuels and the ability to pull a much heavier payload than electric trucks, hydrogen is going to play a huge part in decarbonising trucking.

HVS are the first business to build a hydrogen truck from the ground up.

After successful careers in a variety of backgrounds, the HVS founders realised that the trucking industry needed to radically change if the UK wanted to stand a chance of hitting its 2040 targets. Their zero emission HGVs will help the industry to drive cleaner, perform better and decarbonise faster.

They asked us to elevate their brand, do justice to their incredible technology and bring some much needed humanity to an industry whose legacy lacks it.

We helped them reposition their brand. Developed a new identity system that speaks to their engineering expertise, the warmth of the talented people behind it all and the optimism around the future. And designed their website to bring it all to life.

Our full case study will be coming here soon. We can’t wait to see them change the trucking industry for good.

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