Helping fleets move forward

Trucking keeps everyday life moving. Our food, medicine, deliveries and infrastructure all rely on it. But hampered by relentless schedules, manual processes and unorganised data, it’s an industry that’s creaking at the seams – losing drivers faster than it can hire them. With daily demand mounting and climate pressures graver than ever, efficiency has never been more crucial.

Global consultants Kearney created Hoptek to transform the way fleets operate without forcing them to stop. It’s a new platform that uses AI to help trucking companies plan, automate and adapt across all 50 states in the US.

We created Hoptek’s brand and designed the UI for a totally new website and product.

Don’t stop moving

First up: a symbol as dynamic as the vehicles it’s for. The Hoptek H’ is a moving cab and trailer that shifts and changes in real-time, giving a hint of what the product has to offer.

Three states of flow

Quicker load times. Smarter diversions. Slicker manoeuvres. Hoptek gets entire fleets into a state of flow. We call this Fleet Control.

We created a graphic system around drivers’ and operators’ seamless transitions with a suite of motion designs inspired by their vehicles. Our trucks race forward in 2D, 3D and as an animated type treatment.

Zooming out

Hoptek is here to simplify complex information, so the digital experience had a huge role to play. We brought the brand to life through a new website and helped bring the digital product in line with the new brand.

Large graphics, clear buttons, functional icons: we made every task clearly signposted and easy to navigate. We created infographics to visualise complicated data, and used bold brand colours to highlight key details or statistics. Fleets travelling overnight need to see things clearly too, so we gave the whole experience a dark-mode’.

Hoptek Search

A brand with mileage

We wrapped our fleet-inspired brand into a toolkit Hoptek can take into the future. We’re excited to see where it leads them next.

Hoptek Business Cards v01
Hoptek Cap Square v01
Hoptek Covers v02
HT OOH H 220722 02 Desktop
Hoptek i Pad Case
Hoptek Jacket
6 Sheet Desktop
Toolkit Overview Desktop

Working with the That Thing team helped us to rethink, reframe and reconnect the product to its audience in an authentic, relatable and simplified way. The narrative and creative we landed on brought the Hoptek story to life and resonated immediately with colleagues and clients. Crucially, it stood tall in an otherwise crowded market place.”

— Lee Brailey, Kearney

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