Gravis knows that the most exciting ideas aren’t always about faster.

Gravis is an investment house formed in 2008. It’s built its reputation on funds that are all about the long term – for the country and their investors. But to be this predictable takes thinking that’s anything but. Their Thing is all about being proudly long term as the radically steady fund manager. 

We gave Gravis a brand with equally long term ambitions. A Galápagos tortoise – steady, strong and with one of the longest life expectancies on the planet. The new system is giving Gravis a new lease of life, and giving the funds the status they deserve. 

Mobile Gravis Radically Steady Square

Steady is their biggest asset. But these steady results come from radical thinking.

The most exciting new ideas aren’t always about making things faster or being more instant. Gravis isn’t about on-demand. This is a business where original ideas meet long-term ambitions. Every person, every fund, every day – they keep looking for new, exciting ways to make sure people’s investments, and the country, stay steadily moving forwards. 

Radically Steady

Radically steady’ gave us a helpful construct to frame the things that made Gravis different from the rest. Tonally, it felt like a good opportunity to simplify and breathe some life into tired industry terminology too — for example, countercylical investment approach’ became steadily stormproof’.

In Print

Press and moving media launch campaign with Gravis’s big benefits. We launched a 3 week press campaign in the Times and Sunday Times Business and Money. 

Gravis Newsprint


Online campaign across the FT, Bloomberg, City AM and Investment Week. 

Gravis 4Up

Office interiors, team photography and branded knick-knaks.

Gravis Gravis Launch

Launch party at the Mandrake hotel London.

We designed a system for the funds. Separate from Gravis, but from the same family.

We created a simple system for the funds to clearly communicate what they were about, celebrate their performance and showcase their assets. The fund logo box and fixed width font add some rigour and science to offset the softer nature of the manager brand

Gravis Hierarchy V3
Fund Desktop Screenshots Mobile V2 04
Gravis Case Study Images V2 Gravis Share Issue
Gravis Factsheets

Gravis’ numbers speak for themselves. To help them speak even louder, we designed a suite of icons for each of the funds and brought them to life in animations that explained the funds simply and clearly.

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