Helping Londoners take charge of their commute

Fully Charged is one of the country’s leading electric bike stores. They also happen to be our neighbours.

They’ve been flying the flag for the ebike revolution for years now. With awareness of the brand and education of the product still low, they wanted a campaign that helped to spread the word. They chose a direct approach that focussed on a life-changing element of ebikes: a new kind of commute.

While it was all about bikes, this wasn’t about talking to cyclists. Our audience were the millions of Londoners who spend over a year of their lives commuting on public transport or in their cars. It was about showing them there’s another world out there – a fun, fast and faff-free way of getting from A to B.

FC D 01

Cyclists need not apply

Fully Charged weren’t trying to get regular cyclists to upgrade their bikes. They needed to talk to people who were fed up with limping busses, train delays, and ride-shares. People looking for a better way. 

We wrote headlines that pitted ebikes against typical methods of public transport and showed why they came out on top.

Attention all platforms

The campaign ran across digital and social media. We used the existing brand and gave Fully Charged a graphic language to use on their social channels and a kit of parts to build their own digital campaign.

Show the solution

It’s no good just having a pop at other modes of transport. We had to show an alternative. So we made sure the bikes were the pay-off to the punchy headlines. There are a lot of flimsy imitations on the market, but Fully Charged make a huge point only supplying the best in quality. By heroing the details of the different models, it made it clear that Fully Charged were the perfect partner to the best manufacturers in the world. 

FC D 05 4s
FC D 06

Location, location, location

The positioning of the media was key to the campaign. We focussed on OOH that was near stations in Zones 2 to 4 – the perfect distance to ride an ebike in and out of work every day.

FC D 07
FC D 08

From outdoors to online

Digital was a hugely important aspect of the campaign too. These bikes aren’t cheap, so it’s not a purchase many are going to rush into. By gently reminding people and giving them more information online, we could stay on their radar. Once people give ebikes a test drive and feel the magic, the percentage that go on to buy them is huge. This campaign will get more people to head in store, give it a try and take charge of their commute.

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