Enough really is good enough.

Most of us want to exercise. Or at least know that we should. But between good intentions and great results sits real life. It’s something that the fitness industry refuses to acknowledge, repeatedly pedalling unrealistic notions of performance and perfection, which is possibly why only 15% of the UK hold a gym membership. Enough’ speaks to the 85% of people the industry has been ignoring and shows them a new way of thinking about exercise grounded firmly in reality.

We wanted to help Virgin Active open up to a whole new audience by changing expectations, showing people that they can make exercise work by showing what it really takes to get healthy, and stay there. It’s not about perfection, but persistence. Celebrating the power of Enough’.

Our campaign for Virgin Active began rolling out on TV during the festive period with an OOH campaign in the UK, also going live in Australia, South Africa, and SEA.

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The Power of Enough

The fitness industry says do it all’. We say do enough. Enough to achieve what you want to achieve. Enough for you to enjoy it, not resent it. Enough for exercise to work with your life, not against it. Because when it comes to exercise, doing enough is a remarkable thing.

TV spot

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Campaign creative

The supporting creative needed to do two big things. Show that Enough’ – a word commonly seen as a negative – is something to be celebrated. And do that, in a way that stood out from the typical gym language and imagery we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.

The Power, Joy and Art of Enough show people that doing enough can lead to great things.

Enough to…

The beauty of enough is that it’s relative to every individual. What’s enough for one person will be different for another. For the social layer of the campaign we wanted to focus on the real reasons people workout and tackle the often unrealistic new year, new you’ approach.

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