Making prescriptions painless

Founded in 2015, Echo set out with a simple mission – to make managing your medicine easy.

Around half of the UK currently has a repeat prescription. So when the world turned upside down in 2020, being able to order and manage repeat prescriptions online suddenly became more important than ever. It wasn’t about targeting existing tech addicts or digital natives but talking to an audience who’ve more recently made the switch to doing things online. They bank online, shop for groceries online, order takeaways and taxis online but still manage their prescriptions in person, in-pharmacy. Our brief was to make people aware of the Echo brand and change perceptions of online pharmacies.

Echo wanted to talk directly to the mums and dads of households, who manage regular medicine orders for themselves and their families but found the current prescription process convoluted and frustrating.

And we could only agree…

I’d Echo that

We spoke to real people within Echo’s target audience, to find out the current barriers around repeat prescriptions. We used these pain-points to write a messaging framework with a call and response. A cry of frustration, with Echo in agreement and at your service.

Impossible to miss

Before our campaign we learned that under 2% of all repeat prescriptions in the UK were ordered online. The industry-standard of Stock Image Of Person Stood In Kitchen’ wasn’t cutting through. We created a suite of jumbo 3D meds to help Echo grab attentions and instantly land what business they’re in. 

Always read the label

From ‑afil to ‑zepam, there are around 50 suffixes in pharmacology naming. We used these to bring the product benefits to life and seeded them subtly into the packaging design of each item.

Echo Flatlay Vert Extended Desktop

Ready for rollout

Echo’s media-buy targeted supermarkets and shopping centres in towns and suburbs across the country. We worked with the team at Echo and their agencies to deliver final, ready-to-rollout artwork and assets for an integrated print and digital OOH campaign.

Echo 05 6sheet D
Echo 06 96sheet D

The campaign also lived across social media and paid digital, where we created animated assets with bespoke sound design. 

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