Changing spending for good

Imagine if whenever you spent money, brands donated to a cause you care about? From nationwide charities to local PTAs, 180,000 good causes have received funds thanks to Easyfundraising. A bit like Gift Aid, Honey or cashback programmes, their tech kicks in at checkout, with £43 million raised across the board so far.

So why doesn’t everyone know about it?
Easyfundraising asked us to help them become a household name. The new brand needed to talk to a whole new audience and make it crystal clear how the product worked.

We wrapped it all up in a new brand, messaging bank,
website, campaign, and toolkit.

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Big up everyday spending

Whether it’s a train ticket or stuff for the house, most of us have to spend money every day. So why not turn that into something good? We needed to show the world that the purchases they’re going to make anyway can also benefit someone else.

To show the sheer breadth of products you can buy with Easyfundraising’s 7,000 partner brands, we commissioned and art directed a huge suite of illustrations from artist Rocío Egío. Simple, no-fuss. Everyday and not indulgent. 

EF Illustrations
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Make it clear who’s donating

We kept hearing in research that confusion was one of the biggest barriers. New audiences just didn’t understand how Easyfundraising works. Who pays? What shops does it work with? What’s in it for them? Topline explainers were convoluted and there was no real consistency.

We translated the Easyfundraising process into a suite of clear, gettable descriptors to be placed at crucial points on the user journey. From the website and browser extension to the campaign, the big message was clear: it’s the brands who donate.

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All for a good cause

It was important the brand was able to tell a story beyond transactions. To do this the new brand needed to hero causes of all sizes – from global charities, to local groups. We gave easyfundraising an ownable image style and found ways to champion the causes. When people see where the money is going, they’re more likely to keep going.

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Finding That Thing

Money doesn’t grow on trees.’ You can’t pull money out of thin air.’ Or can you? We needed one gettable idea to show Easyfundraising’s process in action. Our thing to wrap it all up was Everyday Magic’. Instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage, Easyfundraising turns ordinary buys into money for good. It’s quiet, it’s immediate, it’s the mini-miracle of giving something for nothing. We wrote a radio ad that cleverly paired purchases with their parallel good deeds, and created a launch campaign toolkit that used animation to turn ordinary objects into gold, shiny cash.

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The new brand has not only unified our external image, but the fresher look and clearer articulation of our message has led to a 35% uplift in the conversion rate on some of our key landing pages. I am particularly impressed by how it has also united us as a team. We are living our values and I hear frequent expressions of pride from colleagues as they use rebranded assets in their day-to-day roles.” 

James Moir, CEO

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