Relaunching Richmond’s riverside retreat

Bingham sits on the banks of the Thames, just around the riverbend from Richmond. The building’s been part of the local landscape for centuries. But with new competition in town and a location that’s a little off the beaten track, they were facing a number of challenges to stay relevant. Part hotel, part restaurant, part venue, they also needed to get a real sense of who they were – as a brand and a business.

We worked with the team at Bingham to rethink what they were offering, and give them a new brand to land it. It had to unite the different bits of the business, give locals a reason to walk up the hill and make those who have never tried them want to find out more. 

It’s all about the flow

There’s a reason that people have been walking through Bingham’s front doors for centuries. A wide, flowing, ever-changing constant-fixture that keeps people calling in, and coming back. The house sits on the edge of the river. So we made sure the river sits in the middle of the new brand.

The new Bingham Riverhouse is a place where lots of things flow into one. People can come to stay the night, spend the evening, while away the afternoon or kick off the day.

Drawing from the past

There have been some fascinating people drawn to the house over the years.

Michael Field was a poet and playwright writing at the end of the 19th century. But the name was actually a pseudonym for two women – Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper – who lived together in part of the Bingham. They often hung out at Oscar Wilde’s house, and even had Yeats over for dinner. We wanted to make sure that their fascinating story was woven into the brand too.

When it came to creating the logo, we wanted to capture the flow of handwritten writing. The Michael Field diaries were the perfect starting point to create our wordmark. The free-flowing letters felt like a lovely accompaniment to the river they were written beside.

Fluid, flexible and freehand.

We wanted Bingham Riverhouse to feel like a home from home. So this is a brand that’s more about the subtle touches and surprising moments than grand visual gestures. An identity that feels fresh for first-timers and stays fresh for the friends they see more frequently.

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