Removing the unnecessary with Bhuti.

As we’ve become more connected to each other, we’ve got a little cut off from ourselves. Forever online, but a bit off centre. Linked in. Strung out. Liking. Sharing. But feeling something’s… missing. Bhuti is here to help.

Through a combination of yoga, massage, food and meditation, it’s giving people spaces to find feed and focus on what really matters. We designed and launched a brand for Bhuti equally focused on stripping back everything to the essentials.

Bhuti Layout Mobile Header Header

Bhuti is a sanskrit word.

There isn’t really a direct translation. It’s that feeling when you feel most like… you. When the world feels like a bike that you’re riding, not a bus that you’re chasing. You know when you hear that little voice in your head saying you should do this more often’? That’s bhuti talking. It’s a glow you get, a freshness you feel, a lightness that lifts you, a breath that grounds you. We’re here to remove the unnecessary, so you can find, feed and focus on your inner bhuti.

Then name gave us plenty to play with in the headlines.

Bhuti Desktop  Kit Of Parts

A simple kit of parts to use online and in the retreats.

Bhuti Desktop  Tote Bag

Standing out by stepping back.

Bhuti Desktop  Website Desktop
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