From matwear to everywear

During her first pregnancy, Beyond Nine’s founder Naomi couldn’t find any maternity clothing she felt like herself in. The prospect of buying a whole new wardrobe she didn’t like and couldn’t wear once her son was born seemed pointless and wasteful. Why were women expected to change themselves to fit into the clothing world, when the clothing world should change to fit them?

Fast-forward four years, Beyond Nine has gone from one signature jumpsuit to a whole range of pieces that can be worn by anyone – with or without a baby. With big plans for more new lines, as well as competitors creeping onto the scene, it was time for Beyond Nine to scale up and build a brand that reflected a new chapter in the business. 

We needed to establish them as the OG in their very own category, taking them from matwear to everywear.

A new cut

We started by getting to the heart of Naomi’s design process and helping her pin down some creative principles for the brand. It had to feel easygoing, multi-talented, and proudly different.

We updated the wordmark, and created an infinitely looping logo inspired by their clothes being worn over and over again. And to make the brand work at its very tiniest, we gave them a new symbol and monogram.

Beyond the bump

We took the symbol that was previously very bump-focused and gave it a more active role in the brand across messaging and social media. Not only a bump but a bridge between different parts of life – just like the clothing.

BN D 03 Packaging
BN Two Tags Web

A campaign for all seasons

Beyond Nine create clothes for people to do exactly as they please in, bump or no bump.

Customers often told Naomi they wore their jumpsuits day in day out, for just about everything. So we gave Beyond Nine a flexible campaign idea to go out into the world with. Yoga in it, Brunch in it, Zoo in it – the line became a great way for people to share their own Beyond Nine stories on social media.

BN Campaign Intro
BN D 06 Posters Web Compressed
BN D 07 Postcards
BN D 09 Hashtag

Working with That Thing has been a really pivotal moment for Beyond Nine. Being a small business that has started to grow quite rapidly, I needed an agency that could take everything that was in my head, and turn it into a succinct brand story and purpose tied together with brilliant design. That Thing totally got Beyond Nine and were able to hone and focus who we are and what we stand for. Our brand now sits at the heart of every decision we make and has helped us to gain more momentum behind the brand.”

— Naomi Raybould, Founder

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