Helping creators make more of what they love.

Creator economy’. ​‘Fandom’. ​‘Web3.’
Underneath all the buzzwords a simple but momentous change is happening. Power is starting to shift away from the gigantic platforms, and into the hands of creators and their fans.

bemyfriends was set up to make that change happen. A combination of tech company and consultancy, their products and ideas help creators and brands build their businesses through the power of fandom. And after helping K‑Pop giants like BTS conquer the world through WeVerse, the founders know a thing or two about the process.

We’ve been working with bemyfriends to create a brand and site to launch them to the world. Together, we set out to define a new vision for the creator economy that lets people take back ownership of their content, their business and their relationship with the fans. The promise? If you make something that people love, bemyfriends will help you to make more of it.

A universal symbol for fandom

Our symbol shows the connection between creators, fans, and all things they love. In motion, the two shapes hug to form a heart.

A call to all creators

If you make something that people love, bemyfriends will help you to make more of it: creatively, collectively and commercially.


Looking at the challenges creators were facing across existing platforms, we identified three ways that bemyfriends and b.stage will be giving them support they weren’t getting elsewhere.

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Changing how the world sees creators

Creators come in all shapes and sizes, from bedroom musicians, makeup gurus and viral dancers to political activists, academic writers and international speakers. For too long the platforms have taken the glory. This isnt about YouTubers’ or TikTokers’ but the people behind it. We had to create something that not only spoke to them, but also to the world’s most iconic brands. 

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Launching bemyfriends to the world

We worked closely with the team at bemyfriends to write and design their digital experience – clearly spelling out their offer to creators, investors, partners and potential talent who want to join their growing team. 

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Introducing b.stage

We’re also excited to help launch bemyfriends’ first product – a bespoke platform builder that makes creators’ lives less hassle and more rewarding.

Our brand and digital work for b.stage is helping to build a world both creators and fans can finally call home.

More coming soon…

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